Best Portable Speakers Under 300 2020


Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker With Loud Stereo Sound

More than 14,000 reviewers give this portable speaker five stars, and according to them this is an extremely good value. “Great little speaker — especially for the price,” one says. “Sound is crisp and full, it looks great, and has a nice, solid heft to it. It’s also extremely easy to pair to an iPhone. Once paired, it quickly and reliably connects to my phone when turned on.” Another asks, “Is it the utmost in premium quality sound? Of course not, don’t be an idiot, it’s a tiny speaker that costs under $30.”

But they find it impressive nonetheless, adding, “I think you would be hard pressed to find anything at this price point that comes anywhere even remotely close to the awesomeness you get with this speaker.” Many of the thousands of reviewers call out the long battery life, including one who describes it as, “stupid-good … I have literally left this thing on for days — DAYS — and it still had juice.” Another says “I have only charged it once and have likely played it for a total of 4 hours over the last week (Bluetooth) and the battery still says 100 percent.”

And when it comes to portability, reviewers say it can hold up to most environments. Reviewers use this in the bathroom, the car and even on motorcycles, which leads one to say it’s pretty durable: “I’ve dropped this thing onto the street from a speeding motorcycle – the speaker didn’t even stop playing.”

VicTsing SoundHot C6 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

While this portable speaker could essentially be used anywhere, more than 36 percent bought it for use in the shower. “Exactly what I was looking for … I just wanna sing in the dang shower to my hearts content,” writes one reviewer.

The speaker’s carabiner and suction cup make it easy to hang in the shower, which reviewers appreciate. The speaker itself is also waterproof, which helps with the whole shower speaker thing. “I’ve been using it in the shower every morning for over a month now and it still works flawlessly despite being dropped a couple times and having been completely submerged in water,” one says.

And as for sound quality, reviewers are happy with it for both music, and podcasts and radio. One listener writes, “The voices are clean, loud, easily understood, natural sounding. Music has a few layers of detail.” The speaker also gets pretty loud according to one reviewer who says “I drive a loud truck everyday so this will surely be heard over old engines and dashboard fans resembling a jet engine.”

This type of quality endures as one user says “This little speaker lasted me through the last two years of college, several summer camps, and half a year of working in elementary schools and hasn’t changed a bit.”

Best 360-degree portable speaker

“360-degree sound is extremely innovative and the best part of this product, as it essentially solves the problem that most portable speakers have, which is the volume level being too loud for some people and not loud enough for others,” one reviewer says, explaining the appeal of the unique design of this Bose speaker.

They add, “With music coming from all sides of this speaker, everyone is hearing the same level of music and you can have it loud enough to be enjoyed but not worry about it overpowering someone else.” Other companies make similar style speakers, but one user says this one from Bose is above the rest.

“If you have owned a 360 degree speaker under a hundred bucks and then upgrade to this one,” they write. “WOW, what a difference. I own the Soundcore Flare also, it sounds good but you get what you pay for. The lows are much more pronounced on the Bose along with much fuller sound.” It’s a sound so full, it’s enough to power a party. “Used for the music at our outdoor wedding ceremony,” one writes. “All 120 people could hear the music just fine.”

Anker Soundcore 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Like our best rated pick, this Anker speaker has an impressive battery life. “Oh my God, it lasts forever,” says one reviewer. “I’ve charged it once since I got it (a week ago) and used it every day for at least a few hours.”

There are tons of enthusiastic endorsements of the battery life — almost 2,500 five-star reviews refer to the battery — including this one who says, “The battery life is RIDICULOUS. I gave it a full charge and got over a week play time while playing via Bluetooth at around five presses below max volume for about ten hours a day.”

And while the battery might be on par with the original Soundcore model, this newer model — called the Soundcore 2 — has several upgrades. It has 12-watt speakers instead of 6-watt, which leads to a beefier sound, overall. “I have the original Soundcore, which was an excellent little gadget until I finally blew a little speaker playing it louder than recommended, repeatedly, for years,” one says. “This SC2 is also excellent.

It does put out more sound and the base is fuller.” This model is also waterproof which increases the number of places you can port this speaker to. “This little speaker has taken on the Atlantic Ocean, Moriches, and Great South Bay with no problem at all,” says one fisherman. “Swells of huge waves have soaked this speaker and it just keeps working.”

AmazonBasics Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Reviewers didn’t expect much from this AmazonBasics speaker because it’s not a name brand, but over 2,000 five-star reviewers were pleasantly surprised, especially with the battery life.

“It will last over two days for eight hours each and at almost the highest volume,” writes one impressed customer, who calls it an “incredible speaker.” But another shopper says, in his experience, it lasts even longer: He uses it overnight because he likes to fall asleep to the radio or to podcasts. “These babies last several days of overnight and three to four hours during the day, every day,” he writes.

Some reviewers don’t use it for long periods of time, and they say they can get weeks out of the battery. One, who bought it as an alternative to the busted radio in his truck, says, “This speaker hardly needs to be charged every couple of weeks.” Plus, “It has a great volume control and is small enough to fit where I need it to.”

OontZ Angle 3 Ultra

“For around $40 you get a compact, tough speaker that pumps out some high volume and doesn’t lose clarity, which is important because that’s the first thing that happens to low-quality speakers: You crank ‘em and they crackle,” writes one reviewer, adding, “I’ve had speakers twice this size sound remarkably similar.” 

And for a speaker this size, about 15 percent of reviewers are most impressed with the bass quality. “Bass out the you know where, mids and highs are right there,” one says. “I had to adjust my EQ to allow for the extra bass. Clean and crisp at ALL volume levels.” One even says the sound is “louder than I need.” In fact, “Using power tools a couple rooms away from the speaker will allow me still hear it — anything louder and I would use earmuffs to protect my hearing.”

The Bluetooth range, which works up to 100 feet away, is also highlighted by reviewers. “What I really like is that I’m able to leave my device, usually my Kindle, as I listen to a lot of Audio books, in one place and move the Angle 3 Ultra with me as I do chores, even outside and in the garage for laundry,” one says. “There isn’t any static or broken connection, it’s as clear and strong as if I were inside.”

Sony SRS-XB12 Mini Bluetooth Speaker Loud Extra Bass

Like the speaker above from OontZ, this one from Sony has enhanced bass, but the dimensions of this make it even more portable.

“I hadn’t known how compact it is when I purchased it but the sound quality is pretty clear and has a great volume for its size,” one says. Another says, “Its dynamic range covers the highs and the lows. I didn’t think a little thing like that can pump out bass like a subwoofer, but it does.”

This speaker is also also waterproof and can be hung up, which users find is a big bonus: “Love the loop attached, makes it easy to hold or attach it to the handle of any beach bag or cooler,” one explains. “The waterproof part is also a huge plus for the pool or beach!”

Anker SoundCore Mini

More than 75 percent of reviewers give this portable speaker five stars, and dozens appreciate how compact it is making it easy to travel with. One customer has used his for nine months now and calls it “compact and well built.”

He thinks it “will travel easily,” but he’s not sacrificing great sound for space. “The sound will fill a room,” he says. Another writes, “This space-saving, compact Bluetooth speaker actually delivers surprisingly good sound.” He bought it to take to and from work and appreciates its compact size and stellar design.

“The product design is superior, too, minimalist design with nothing flashing, but stays functional all around. It even has a rubber footing that helps to keep the speaker in one place.” One shopper even says it’s “louder than anticipated.” He needed a shower speaker because he would “struggle to hear the music in the shower” when playing it on his phone. He thought this would just be a cheap speaker that would be fine for the time being, but he loves it.

“One of the nicest features of this product is that it has an auto-off (about five minutes) when I leave the house,” he writes. “It is wireless, and the charge lasts quite a while (I have used it for multiple days without plugging it back in). It is loud and has good bass.”

Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker

Reviewers say the Bose SoundLink Micro is great for any sort of outdoor activity because it’s small, durable, and waterproof.

A wildlife biologist says this “rugged” speaker was up for every challenge they could throw at it: “I am outside all of the time, and I have to kayak for work, so the physical toughness and the fact that it’s waterproof were really important to me.

For $100, this is a steal.” Many purchasers say it’s especially great to use to add a soundtrack to a bike ride: “This has completely solved my bike riding music needs! It connects snugly to my crossbar with the included rubber strap that stretches to fit different sizes and types of mounting areas. It has never fallen off even when going off-road on bumpy terrain.”


Reviewers say this is the perfect speaker to bring to the beach because it’s waterproof, tough, and loud. “This is the perfect beach speaker. It survives the kids dripping and spilling.

And it sounds good; in fact, much better than I expected for the price.” Many note that if you purchase two of these speakers, you can easily pair them for “stereo sound.” One person who bought two for a “beach vacation” says the stereo-sound feature sounds great: “We played them from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. for six straight days, charging at night of course.

They never died and sounded great given the outdoor and ocean environment. We even had a dance party on the beach with them!”

JBL CLIP 3 – Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

More than 15 percent of reviewers appreciate the clip-on design of this portable speaker, which makes it very easy to take on the go.

“A lot of cheaper clips won’t stay straight when you try to hook them onto things, and you have to physically move it back into place to fully ‘hook’. Not this thing,” writes one reviewer. “I’ve hooked it onto doorknobs, backpacks, the belt loops of my jeans.” This speaker is also waterproof, and according to one reviewer, who threw it in the pool to test it, reports, “It does indeed float and no piece of hardware seems to have suffered as a result.”

Another reviewer really put it through the ringer, with minimal effect: “It held up perfectly to being dunked and held underwater as well as tossed off small cliffs into the water and sitting in the sun most of the day.”

Beats Pill+

Apple iPhone users love that the Beats Pill+ works seamlessly with their phones, and can charge with Apple’s lightning cable. “Sound is excellent for its size, and battery life is really good. The build quality is superb.

The final icing on the cake, it uses Apple’s Lightning cable for charging so I can finally carry just one cable.” According to many reviewers, the convenience of not having to worry about extra cables is a huge plus: “The best part of this speaker by far is that it charges via lightning cable! Anywhere I take it someone will have a cable,” writes one, while another adds, “I was debating between this and the UE Boom 2 and am very happy with my choice, as I like just bringing my lightning cable, phone, and pill+ with me and not having to worry about an extra mini usb cable.”

They also say it has a lot going for it besides the lightning cable compatibility: “The form factor is awesome and the all black looks sexy. Sound quality is on point. I’ve used this outside by the beach with waves rolling in and I can still hear it crystal clear.”

DOSS Touch Wireless Bluetooth V4.0 Portable Speaker

Many reviewers sought out this DOSS speaker because of its SD card slot which allows it to play music directly off the card without syncing with a phone or computer. “I’ve been using this speaker mostly outdoors with great results so far.

A plus that I discovered is that I can use it when camping at places with no phone reception but still bring my playlist with me by using the SD card.” Many others praise the SD card capability, and say that it functions well: “Using the SD card for music, when you shut off the speaker it remembers where you left off in the cue or mid song next time you turn it back on.

If you like the convenience having the SD card & not dealing with your phone/tablet via Bluetooth this is so convenient.”

Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II

Reviewers love that this Bose portable speaker is waterproof. One spiteful customer bought this as a gift for a friend or potential significant other. But this “ungrateful person” really “pissed [her] off,” so she “naturally decided to destroy this Bose speaker” that they loved. As she explains, “I ran water over it, but I noticed the water rolling off.

I then submerged it in water and watched until little bubbles formed. I removed it and placed it back. The next day, this same ungrateful person is blasting perfect-sound-quality music from this damn speaker,” and the buyer will now be a loyal Bose customer. Another shopper actually appreciates that it’s waterproof. “It comes in the bathroom with me when I take a shower,” he says.

He also loves that he can easily “move it from room to room,” but if he doesn’t move it, it’s still “loud enough to hear from another room that isn’t close.” And a third reviewer calls the waterproof feature “convenient” because she won’t have to worry about her child accidentally getting it wet.

AOMAIS GO Bluetooth Speakers

“This is a great speaker for a BBQ, beach day, or being fined for disturbing the peace on your street,” writes one reviewer, who is one of more than one-fifth of reviewers who says this a really loud portable speaker.

“My backyard is half an acre and the sound quality and volume cover my entire area,” one writes, while another says, “‘Wow’ is the low end of the adjective depth chart to describe this technical marvel.” And though “Just one of these speakers is LOUD on its own (your neighbors will hate you),” according to one reviewer, about 10 percent of reviewers say these are great for pairing together to create a full sound system.

“Pairing two together creates a true stereo, wireless listening experience,” one says. “I’m convinced that there is no better option for sound quality and true stereo imaging than pairing two of these up.” On top of that, this speaker is also waterproof, which means it can be used just about anywhere. One who uses them by the pool notes, “I always forget to bring them in and it has survived big rain storms and left floating in pool overnight.”

JBL Boombox – Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Black

This speaker comes with a handle, which makes it closer to a traditionally styled boombox than a sleek portable speaker. And the sound quality is what you’d expect from JBL. “This BOOM BOX is simply amazing,” one writes.

“The sound quality is great, the bass that comes out of those two four-inch bass radiators is awesome. The speaker isn’t heavy and cumbersome, it is simply a perfect design.” Another really emphasizes, “It’s ACTUALLY portable … You can take this thing off it’s charger and carry it around anywhere while STILL sounding GREAT! No distortion here at higher volumes.” And many reviewers picked this one exactly because of its ability to pump up the volume.

“Both the sheer loudness and especially the bass are in a completely different universe with the Boombox,” one reviewer says comparing this to other JBLs. “The sound was so awesome that I went and splurged on a second one so I could experience stereo, and I have not looked back.” This speaker is also waterproof, or beerproof, as one college student points out, so many think this is a great option for parties.