How To Play PS4 On Laptop With HDMI Monitor?


Do you know how to play ps4 on laptop with HDMI monitor for the best gaming experience? In this article, I am going to show you the exact working method by which you can easily play your PS4 games on your laptop with the HDMI monitor.

To play the games of PS4 on laptop is a sticky thing which you must have to solve before getting into it. This will help you to play your favorite PS4 games on your favorite laptop without any error between.

You might be thinking that connecting the HDMI with your laptop and you are ready to go for playing games. But I real, it is not simple as that. You have to follow each and proper step in order to play the PS4 games on laptop and HDMI as your display box.

So, let’s have a look on today’s topic which is about how to play ps4 on laptop with HDMI monitor.


Here I will show you the exact same method which I always use to make my laptop & HDMI for making the perfect gameplay inside my room.

Therefore, for this, follow the steps below and you are good to go with the tools you have:

Method Name: Using Video Capture Card

For this method, you need to have the following things with you in order to connect the laptop with the HDMI and play games of PS4 easily:

  • Laptop
  • Video Capture Card
  • Internet (Cable, Wi-Fi or Ethernet)
  • File Sharing enable (It does matter
  • HDMI Cable (for the connection)

Step I:

First of all, you need to enable the file sharing. For this, go to the settings in the PS4 menu. There, you will see the Network Settings, when you reached out here; you will see the Internet Connection Settings. Find your internet router and connect with the connection you have.

Step II:

Now, you need a Video Capture Card which will help you in connecting the PS4 to your laptop for gameplay.

Step III:

Connect the video capture card to the laptop via USB port. I hope that you will find no difficulty at all when you will do this because it is so simple to connect the video capture card to the laptop with the help of USB port.

Step IV:

Now, its time for the connection of PS4 with the video capture card. For the connection, you will need an S-Video connection cable. Connect the HDMI-In to the capture card and HDMI-Out on the PS4 for making this gameplay possible.

Step V:

Now, you can open the application software that came with the capture card and at the same time, power up your PS4. The software will search for the PS4 and display it on the screen of laptop.

This is how to play ps4 on laptop with HDMI by just doing few simple steps.

Benefits of playing PS4 on Laptops:

When it comes to the benefits of playing the PS4 on your laptop, I found a lot of benefits which you must have to know if you are a true gamer (or have plans in the future).

So, here are the list of all those benefits which will allow you to play the best PS4 games on any laptop.


When you play the PS4 games on laptop, it will not only provide you great feels but also make you happy because you have the smooth quality at all. This is why, you need to play the PS4 games on laptop which is quite awesome at all.

HD Quality:

By playing the PS4 games on laptop with the HDMI, your video quality might be much better than other’s gameplay. This is how you can have the best gaming sessions with your friends or fellows at your home.

Low Errors:

No one like any error, in fact me too hate the errors during the gaming. So, if you want to face no error in gaming, you just need to manage the time to setup gameplay like this. It is really helpful and you will enjoy by knowing how to play ps4 on laptop with HDMI that cause low errors.

Hence, we can say that playing the PS4 games on a laptop can add some great effects on someone else who is playing the games. You should also try this at once of you haven’t try this till.

I am damn sure that you will not only find the best results in this but also it will be able for you to tell other how to play ps4 on laptop with HDMI with zero to less errors.

All done with our today’s topic on “how to play ps4 on laptop with HDMI” in simple steps. Let me know if you have any question to ask here. I will answer all your queries and do help you with my great.

Also, do let me know about the errors which you found during the setup. I will also try to figure about this and help you to manage the issues you are facing right now.