How To Install Software On Laptop Without CD Drive?


There are some laptops nowadays which do not have an option to insert the CD drive in order to install something. So, I did a lot of research on how to install software on laptop without cd drive. After that, I am happy in telling you that I have found a way to install any software on any laptop without using a CD drive.

So, you might also interesting in doing so. If you are also looking how to install software on laptop without cd drive, then this article is only for you as here I am going to show you how you can do this in few simple and very easy steps.

I will tell you how you can install any software in a laptop without using any CD drive with two different but very easy methods. So, lets get involved in to the first one and then I will tell you how you can also do that without any error at all.

Method I: By Using External Hard/USB Flash Drive

Method II: By Using Internet (Hot method these days)

Let us start from the method no 1 and later on, we will talk about the second one.


This is a very easy method by which you can easily install a software in to your computer. So, if you have a software in your external hard drive or in a USB flash drive, then this method is for you.

Follow the steps below and you will find no difficulty at all in order to install a software into your laptop.

  1. Plug your drive (External or USB) in to the empty port of the laptop.
  2. Open the “My Computer” and click on the hard (Via calling Name).
  3. Here is the list of all software and data you have in your drive. Now, find your desire software. You can do it by using search bar on the top right corner of your PC/Laptop.
  4. Double click on the software to run it as administrator. It will ask you to allow the installation process.
  5. Click “Yes” to proceed the software installation.
  6. Follow all the steps a software is asking you to do.
  7. In a while, your installation will be done and you will be notified as “Installation has been done”.
  8. Click “Close” to close the process.
  9. For a better running of software, restart your laptop.

 Open your software after restarting and enjoy the installation you made early.

This is the simplest way about “how to install software on laptop without cd drive” with the method no 1 which is installation via external hard drive or USB flash drive.

Now, let’s discuss on how to install software on laptop without CD drive by using the internet.


Follow all the below steps to install the software in your laptop via Internet.

  1. First of all, you have a browser so you can search any software over the internet. (We use Google as our desire browser here).
  2. Open up the browser and type the desire keyword such as “Antivirus”.
  3. Now, you can bunch of the antiviruses over the internet. Choose anyone of your need.
  4. Open the software bar and start downloading it in your laptop.
  5. In a few times, the whole downloading will be completed.
  6. Open the destination where you have downloaded the software such as “C drive”.  
  7. Double click the file and, in a while, your installation will start automatically without any error.
  8. Wait for the step to do by yourself.
  9. In a very few times, your whole installation will be done and you will be able to use your software in your laptop.
  10. Restart your laptop once again so that your software can run smoothly.

So, are you satisfied now? I hope that you have install your software with any one of the above methods. Let me know if you haven’t yet. If you fall somewhere, I will help you how to install software on laptop without CD drive in easy steps once again.

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