How To Download YouTube Videos Safely?


How to download YouTube videos safely from internet is a common question from many internet users. This question hit me harder many times because of the people’s demand in my inbox. So, I decided to a pick note on this topic too.

In this topic I will cover all those main software and ways which can be helpful for you in getting the YouTube videos from the internet for free.

So, are you ready now and want to know how to download YouTube videos safely without any error? So, without wasting your time, let’s get started and let me share my experience about this.

Well, let me clear a few things that we will use desktop software which will help you in getting the YouTube video direct into your computer or laptop.

4K video Downloader :

4K video downloader is one of the oldest and professional desktop software that can help you in getting the quality YouTube video for free without any hard work. You can even download the whole playlist in just a single click from this software.

Not only YouTube videos, 4K video downloader can also grab the mp3 volumes for you without spending a lot of time on buffering. So, I can just say that it is the best source of downloading the YouTube videos for free without any issue at all.

You can use the free version of this desktop software or can pay $15 for the lifetime membership, which you can use for 3 PCs at a time from different locations and internet connection.

WinX YouTube Downloader:

WinX has the largest library system to download the YouTube videos direct to your laptop or PC without asking silly or stupid questions. Not only the YouTube videos, you can also download the other videos from various websites which are available on the internet.

In this way, the aim of getting the videos will be fulfill and your question about “how to download YouTube videos safely” might be clear after using this desktop application/software.   The version of this software is totally free and you can use this software without any issue for lifetime (only on Windows).

Gihosoft TubeGet:

This is limited to some features. You can’t download all videos at once but it can be helpful in some cases and might be helpful for you. But, these types of restriction can go away if you pay the $29.95 fee for lifetime.

This software can be used on both (Windows & Mac) without any issue and it will be so helpful for you if you really want to know how to download youtube videos safely. This can be a helping pack for you.  

But, on the other hand, and as per my experience; this software only allows the highest of 1080P even in the 8K mode. So, remember these things in your mind if you go for downloading the videos from the YouTube or internet as well.


The most demanding software that can download the videos up to 8K even in the free version. This desktop app is awesome and you can use this for downloading the videos from the YouTube in a quality.

You pay for the fee or use it as a free, the quality never goes down and you will be able to download the videos without spending a dime if you haven’t yet.

So, in my point of view; this software is helpful for you if you really want to get the YouTube videos without any issue at the end.


Totally free, stress free and quality holder YouTube video downloader is here; the 5KPlayer. This is why, I love this software as there are many quality features which never need to upgrade the package. As this is a free software, so you need nothing to worry about the payments and other things like that.

Use this as much as you want and download the youtube videos without any issue and hesitation.

You might be interested in knowing that why I choose the desktop softwares to download the YouTube videos without any error and issue. Here are some points which will clear why you need desktop software to download the YouTube videos for absolutely free.

  • Support 4K download (even in the trial version or free version)
  • These softwares can download entire playlist (Full HD playlist)
  • Can covert from MP4 to MP3 before downloading
  • These softwares never collect your personal data (phone, address or email etc.)
  • Not contain any type of malware or error


Here, I’ve discussed the topic on how to download YouTube videos safely in your PC or Laptop. I hope you get the point and now you are able to download the YouTube videos without any issue at all. If you have any more queries related to today’s topic, let me know.

I am sure that I will help you in getting the quality stuff which may be more helpful for you in future.   

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