How to choose best gaming laptop in 2020


Still trying to get the best gaming laptop under 800 dollars for you gaming fun? Do not be so worry as you are because I am here again to help you with the term “gaming laptops under 800”.

Gaming laptops are generally most quality machines that people try to use at any cost. But what, when they see that their gaming laptop has some big issues that cost them high risk in entertainment.  

Well, I really don’t want to waste your precious time and here are some of the best ways that can help you in getting the 800 dollar gaming laptop in less time.

Few Quick Tips:

GPU: If you want to get the best ever gaming experience with your $800 gaming laptop, you really need to have the best quality GPU system in your laptop. Otherwise it might create many issues later for you.

Upgrading Feature: Look, in many laptops specially for gaming; yo0u really need to upgrade your many features and functions from time to time. This is why choosing such best 800 dollar laptop which have upgrading features can be really helpful for you if you a real gamer.

Resolution or Speed: The fastest the speed of the gaming laptop, the more you will be able to enjoy with. The minimum resolution nowadays is 1920x1080P and up to so on such as 4K 8K etc.

Finest Keyboard: In a gaming laptop, the finest keyboard means the quality gaming. This is why you should select the best and soft keys in the laptop for gaming.

Supportive Battery: A very few gaming notebooks have 8 hours of battery timing and you will need power supply to get the quality performance anyway.

What type of GPU you need?

In mostly best $800 laptop, the first thing you need to see or consider is the GPU. If you have great GPU, then it will be the best machine for you if other parts in best gaming laptop under 800 dollars are also good.

GPU will not only give you quality stuff but also make your laptop cool down while you playing your best games.

The fight between the NVIDIA and AMD will never be end as both are of quality stuff related companies. But you can decide which one suits your 800 dollar laptop perfectly. There are many quality GPUs of NVIDIA and AMD are in the market such as Titan RTX and Radeon RX 570 respectively. 

Entry level Gaming:

IF you are a real beginner and just start gaming, then GT 1030 will be a better choice for you with the best laptop for 800 US dollars. At such level you only need a beginning gaming notebook and a graphics card that can solve your beginning issues.

This is why GT 1030 will be a great choice if you make this happens.

Mainstream Gaming:

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 is a good performing GPU that is compatible with those laptops under 800 dollars which you need in the 2020. Such GPU can be a great choice for middle type of gaming modes that mostly used in the home play-land areas.

VR and highest Settings:

For such gaming which requires a lot of quality, the best GPU can be Nvidia’s GeForce RTX which you can use in your best laptop under 800 dollars which is your basic for most important need for gaming.

Bottom-Line: In most of best gaming laptop under 800 dollars, you can get a great quality GPU; don’t forget to check it properly.

What other specs should I look for?

CPU: In any best gaming laptop under 800 dollars, I always prefer to see the CPU (Central Processing Unit) which is also called the brain of the laptop or PC. The minimum quality you should see in the gaming laptops nowadays is the Core i5 or Core i7.

Never settle than the best when it comes to the gaming. You should use the best quality CPU in your gaming laptop as it is the best way to get the full entertaining gaming time.

Have a look at the Omen 15t Gaming Laptop, which is considered as the best ever gaming laptop machine in 2020 having powerful CPU inside.

CPU are really not upgradable so you should make this choice once. So, try to make this decision better than other things.

RAM: Gaming is a great way to entertain yourself and 8GB of RAM is the least spec which I would like to recommend you for the best gaming. If you can afford such laptops under 800 USD, then the best thing you need to do is to choose the 16Gb of RAM as it will affect you in a great way.

Laptops like Sager NP8957 and Ryzen 5 are some of the best quality laptops where RAM is not an issue at all. But, if you can’t manage the highest RAM size, consider it that you will upgrade this in the near future for better work.

Storage: The thing that matter a lot is the storage system. Mostly laptops have sufficient storage system and that’s going to hit you harder as no gamer should use low storage system in the best gaming laptop under 800 United States Dollars (USD).

The ASUS gaming laptop $800 cost you in total. And this is not the end as in this ASUS brand, you will find the best quality storage which is upgradable in future too.

What should I look for in a display?

Display is another great thing that add some powerful and great value to the gaming laptops. If you are not using any monitor screen to attached your laptop with, then you will need to get the best gaming laptop under 800 that is contains great quality display.

Size: The first and most important thing in any 800 gaming laptop is the size of the display or screen. Without this, you can’t say that you are a true gamer who love to play games in a great way!

This is why you also have to look for other things but first you need to focus on your display size which is most important. The minimum size that can be great for best gaming laptops for 800 dollars would be 15 inches.

15 inches display size is natural and it looks awesome in some cases when you have aim to play your best games on such types of laptops.

Also just make it conform that the size of the laptop’s screen should be replaceable as sometimes you need of it whenever you got issues like being damaged.

There are few gamers who love to use the 7 inches display laptop just for the best ever gaming experience of all time. So if you can afford 17 inches gaming laptop then it will be awesome for you to have the best budget laptop under 800 for your gaming.

Resolution: Never ever buy any gaming laptop less than 1920x1080P which is rare in listening but it is the most important factor in gaming.

Refresh rate: Sometimes, the GPU demand some of the great quality settings such as resolution of larger than itself it has. This is the main reason you need to have a great refresh rate in the gaming laptop that will be so much helpful for you to make your gaming laptop greater than before.

In most cases, best gaming laptop under 700; we actually need at least 1920x1080P. And at that time, we can access to the best quality refresh rate which is the demanding thing nowadays in most gaming machines.

Avoid touch screen: Do not use any good laptops under 800 dollars having touch screen. This is because the touch screen laptops are not really good enough for the gaming. There are many reasons behind this technique. You can have the bad experience with the laptops having touch screen. Few are listed below:

  • Touch screen can make issues during gaming
  • It is not a great deal at all
  • Many gamers hate to use touch screen notebooks while gaming
  • Mostly gaming laptops don’t come with touch screen
  • Touch screens laptops are not designed for gaming especially

So, the gaming notebooks such as GTX 800 laptop, is the best ever example of gaming laptop which you can use without any issue or error at all. You can use this notebook without any issue as this is a low weighted machine designed for the gamers (only).

What should I look for in a keyboard?

Keyboard is a great and important material in the gaming laptops. So, you should see this feature properly only if you are a real and good gamer.

There are certain things which you really need to consider if you are looking for the good laptops for 800 dollars. In the listed below, I have separated few main things which you should look for in a great gaming laptop:

Key Travel:

the first and most important thing is the key travel in the keyboard of a great gaming laptop. You should see this feature as important as you thing the gaming is for you. It should be really meaningful for you.

The maximum distance between the keys must be 1.5 millimeters and this is the best thing which you can avail in a great way.  


As much the force you need to press the button of the keyboard, the more you hate the laptop without any reason. Actually, this issue only appears in the keyboard, not in the whole laptop.

So, we can say that the keyboard is worst but the laptop is of great quality. Make sure that you have decided such a best budget gaming laptop under 800, where the keyboard is awesome and have require less actuation or force needed to press the keys.

Thus, you will be able to get the best keyboard with the best performance laptop under 800 as we really need performance in gaming laptop.

Macro Keys:

Some of the great quality laptops are only came with the micro keys but why we are struggling so hard for the best one. The main reason we try much that we need the best keypad in the laptops.

That’s why we need macro keys so that we can have the great laptop where the keyboard is also of a great and awesome quality.

Always try to find the top laptops under 800 dollars, where we can have the best type of macro keys. This is the only thing you should be focused while purchasing a great laptop or notebook for your gaming. It also makes some sense in gaming as mostly gamers love to have macro keypads in the laptop’s keyboard.  

Keys Sound: This one is my favorite and it will be! The better and awesome the sound is, the more you will love to press the buttons of a keyboard in the gaming notebook. It will be so helpful for you to play the heaviest games like Fortnite and PUBG for Laptops/PCs.  


Lighting can add some really great impact on the gaming. So, if possible, make sure that you choose the best laptop under $800 like MSI Laptop for gaming because this laptop has a great backlight system which will amazed you for sure.

Hope that you have a full knowledge of the best keyboards which came in the gaming laptops of 2020 and from the future too. Make sure that you have decided such laptop in which is the keyboard is really good.

Top brands who offers best gaming laptops


The first and most famous gaming laptop brand is the Acer which have the best quality laptops for gaming. You can choose as many as you want from the list of top & hot 750 dollar gaming laptop which are awesome.

Aspire slim laptop is the best ever gaming laptop which can be so helpful for you in gaming which you are looking here.

Another great item from the Acer Aspire is 8th generation IPS display which is, no doubt the best product from the Acer group of technology.


No doubt that people use this brand less but that’s not the fact that it’s a bad product. This laptop brand is making the Lenovo gaming laptop under 800, which is the top on the list of best gaming laptop under 8000 US$.

You can choose this brand without any doubt as this is the best ever gaming notebook which will make you happy by its quality stuff.


When it comes to the laptops with good graphics cards under 800, MSI Stealth is the best among other gaming machines. Use this laptop brand and its products without any fear. I can damn guarantee you that you will be amazed with the stuff that this MSI laptop has.

Gigabyte: Another awesome brand is the Gigabyte gaming notebook which is expert is making coolest gaming laptops from last few decades. A great quality notebook for gamers is Gigabyte AERO which is considered as one of the best gaming notebook under 800.


ASUS is such a company who is building some great products and gaming material is from one of them. The one and only good gaming laptops under 800 is ASUS ZenBook which is ultra-slim gaming notebook designed for the experienced gamers in 2020.

With this laptop’s brand, you will be able to see the magic of gaming in a real way. So, you can choose this brand for your gaming desk if you are looking for the best machine in 2020. Razer: when it comes to the top-rated and best gaming laptop under 800 USD, Razer is such a great company that can be so awesome for you.

The hottest and awesome notebook from the Razer team is Razer Blade is one of the best and top quality laptop for gamers which can be choose without any issue or hesitation. There is no doubt that you can use this brand to purchase the top-quality gaming notebook for your need of gaming.

How About Battery Life:

Battery, aww it always sucks if you don’t focus on it. It will be really painful for you in future if you choose such gaming laptops under 900 which have low-quality battery.

You should focus on it if you are planning to grab the gaming laptop under 900 US$ which have the best battery timing. Thus, you will get the better notebook for gaming which you always dream about.

There is no doubt that gaming laptops use more battery than other laptops, but the maximum timing is of 8 hours without non-stop. If you need to get more than 8 hours of battery timing, then it won’t be a gaming laptop for sure.

Bottom Line: So, I hope that you have now a whole knowledge of best gaming laptop under 900 or 800 US$ as well.

I have written down each and every single piece here regarding gaming laptops under 750 and share some of the best ways to make you able for purchasing the right & best gaming laptop for fallout 4 and tried to help you in getting best gaming laptop under 800 dollars.

Hope you will enjoy the today’s article on best picks which we discussed today. If you have anything to ask, ask me here and I am sure that you will get your reply instantly without any hesitation. Cheers!