Best Gaming Laptop Under 800 Dollars – BUYER’S GUIDE


Are you looking for a great or best gaming laptop under 800 that suit your choice and can help you in the gaming? Well! You will glad to know that you are at a very right place. Here I will teach you and guide you how you can easily grab the best gaming laptop under 800 or less than that with full quality equipment in that laptop.

Have a Look On Top Gaming Laptops of 2020

1 Predator Helios 300 RAM: 16 GB
CPU: 4.5 GHz
WEIGHT: 5.07 lbs
2 Asus TU Gaming Laptop RAM: 8 GB
CPU: 3.7 GHz
WEIGHT: 4.85 lbs
3 MSI Gaming Laptop RAM: 8 GB
CPU: 2.6 GHz
WEIGHT: 4.0 lbs
4 Aspire Slim Laptop RAM: 4 GB
CPU: 3.5 GHz
WEIGHT: 3.97 lbs
5 Acer Nitro 5 RAM: DDR4
CPU:3.6 GHz Rhyzen
WEIGHT: 5.95 lbs
6 Pavilion Premium Laptop RAM: 8 GB
CPU: 2.1 GHz
WEIGHT: 5 lbs
7 MSI Gaming Machine RAM: 16 GB
CPU: 2.6 GHz
WEIGHT: 8.25 lbs
8 MSI Thin Bezel RAM: 16 GB
CPU: 2.6 GHz
WEIGHT: 4.1 lbs
9 FHD Creator Laptop RAM: 16 GB
CPU: 2.6 GHz
WEIGHT: 3.45 ounces
10 Ideapad Gaming Laptop RAM: 8 GB
CPU: 2.4 GHz
WEIGHT: 4.84 lbs
11 ASUS Gaming Laptop RAM: 8 GB
CPU: 2.3 GHz
WEIGHT: 5.7 lbs
12 Predator Gaming Laptop RAM: 16 GB
CPU: 4.1 GHz
WEIGHT: 5.51 lbs
13 Acer Gaming Laptop RAM: 16 GB
CPU: 4.1 GHz
WEIGHT: 5.51 lbs
14 ROG Thin Body Gaming Laptop RAM: 16 GB
CPU: 4.5 GHz
WEIGHT: 4.39 lbs

The only thing in which laptop’s user stuck is that they face many issues in getting a good and best laptop for their gaming table. Some issue can be quality VS cost etc. No doubt to saying that quality must be your very first priority. But in cases when you have low or middle budget, then you can go with that laptop where the budget is also in standard form and the quality is also so good.

The gaming laptop also comes up with a very few limitations which I can’t leave without any reason. So, let’s jump to the part of all those limitations that a gamer can face if he / she have a best gaming laptop under 800 dollars of budget.

Heat Issues:

First of all, the issue that a gamer can face in such gaming laptops is over-heated. The very first symptom of being heated is the graphics card and high / ultra HD graphics board that is being installed in best gaming laptops.

But, it is natural and your laptop heated-up won’t make you sad as this is because of the two processors running at the same time (Laptop & card processor). Here I discuss about all those symptoms which may cause laptop’s heating. Also, I guide you there how to solve this issue in few easy steps. You can check out there and make your laptop cool along with yourself happy and wise as always.    

Battery Life:

The battery life of gaming laptops are just average. This is because you might run heavy graphics games and it cause more battery consumption. But the average battery life of a good gaming laptop is 4-5 hours which sound good.


Ohh, weight always sucks the gamers! They are so much weighted and not so much comfortable to carry. The average weight is 7-8 pounds.

Cost & Charges:

Gaming laptops are high in rates. They are expensive due to their high quality work. You must have a good amount of money if you are willing to buy the best gaming laptop under 800 dollars or more / less (depend on yours).

1. Sager NP8957 – Best Gaming Laptop Under 800 Dollars

Key Specifications:



Screen Size: 15.6 inches
RAM: 16 GB
Processor: 2.6 GHz
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070
Hard: 2TB

This is the very first product / gaming machines which I am reviewing for you. This is the best gaming laptop under 800 dollars which I am also using right now. Having bunch of quality stuff in this laptop will make you so much happy and you will love to see the results when you use it by your own self.

Intel 6 core processor will load your games like a PRO and you will be so much happy to listen that the graphics card installed in this gaming laptop is super awesome. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 8GB GDDR6 is the card that makes you fall in love in to it and the function of the card is also super-awesome.  

Display is also a great and best thing that can make you happy when you play the games on it. You will fall in love in such a way that nobody can even imagine. This is because you have the quality gaming laptop which you can use for playing the world’s best games anytime and at anywhere you want.

Now, get your own specification in the laptop as you can get a custom laptop by telling the required specifications you have in your mind. For example, if you want to get the 32 GB of RAM along with the 1 TB of hard drive; then it is okay and you can get it without any hesitation at all.

Bottom Line: Sager is providing the killer gaming and best gaming laptop for their user(s).

  • High Quality & HD Graphics
  • Wide angle screen
  • Light Weight
  • Powerful processor
  • Heating issue inside the machine
  • Missing of installed SSD inside

2. VR Ready Gaming Laptop 2020

Key Specifications:

Screen Size: 15.6 inches
RAM: 16 GB
Hard Drive: 512 GB
Graphics: GTX 1660 Ti
Processor: Hexa Core Processor

In the world of best gaming laptops, it is hard for me that I review the best ever gaming laptops of 2020. But I still find the best one for you to make you happy and humble when you use the best gaming machine for your entertaining purposes.

This laptop has been designed especially for those who need the best in a particular amount. Having a great and best ever processor features will make you so much proud by having this machine.  

VR ready graphics is the best thing that can make you happy and you will love to see such all specifications when you have this gaming laptop under a great and less budget.

NVIDIA is proud of many gamers and by continually success rates, the NVIDIA GTX 1660 Ti has been installed in this gaming laptop to make you so much happiness every time.

  • Slim sexy design
  • Powerful graphics card
  • Full HD display
  • Ultra performance SSD
  • Weight is slightly more than average

3. Pro-X Premium Gaming Laptop 2020

Key Specifications:

Processor: Hexa Core
Graphics: GTX 1050Ti
Screen Size: 15.6 inches

Premium laptop can be defined by itself if the machine has some guts to complete the requirement of the user. Same like that, I found a great gaming laptop machine that can fulfill your gaming requirement with more beneficial features. 

This laptop requires the windows 10 version for smooth running without any issue during the work. You don’t need to install the window again and again to update the next version. Just run the key and you will find it is helpful in making the best laptop which I am telling you.

More about the quality, we have a great and powerful graphics card which is 4GB GDDR5 VRAM NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti that is the world’s most popular and strong card to manage your every single game without any issue at all.

This graphics card is so much powerful and it can help you to manage the best of the best ever gaming in less time and with the full powerful. You can use this laptop anywhere and if you have a gaming chair, then you can make your own small gaming setup inside your room for the best gaming motto.

Moreover, the graphics card will help you to improve the quality of your graphics that you can see on the screen while gaming.

  • Light weight
  • Quality Graphics
  • Awesome processor
  • Not suitable for kids under 13

4. OMEN Gaming Laptop 2020

Key Specifications:

Screen Size: 15.6 inches
RAM: 12 GB
Hard: 1TB + 128 GB SSD
Weight: 5.40 pounds

The Processor is the thing that can make your laptop machine faster than ever before. This is why; this laptop has a great quality and powerful processor that can load your heavy games such as PUBG, Fortnite etc.


These games are so much heavy and require powerful laptop and this is why we have this machine named as gaming laptop by OMAN features. Even graphics card can play an important role in this way but if we have a quality processor in our laptop machine, then we can do a little bit work with great efficiency.

RAM (Random Access Memory) is also an important part of a good gaming laptop if you want to make your laptop gentle and powerful. This will help you to load your every single game faster and smooth that makes you happy and wise.

One more feature that this laptop owns is the Backlit Keyboard that is the best way to play games with more efficiency. It will help you to grab the full size directional arrow keys to make your gaming experience a lil bit better and powerful with such functions.  

Bottom Line: This laptop is compatible for all types of external keyboards & mouse if you want to attach any of them.

  • High quality graphics
  • Light weight
  • Powerful processor & memory
  • No CONS in my opinion

5. Anti-Glare HD Gaming Laptop 2020

Key Specifications:

Processor: Dual Core i5
Screen Size: 12.5 inches
Graphics: 620 integrated

With the full power of a great and best screen resolution and size, you can play the games on this laptop and also can do other work as usual. With the full HD & IPL display, the graphics will look great and you can easily grab the best gaming experience by using this laptop.

You can also grab the happiness by having this laptop on your desk and by playing different games and be happy by having such machine that can help you in this term.

Other stuff such as processor, hard & weight is also so much accurate and according to the market / user’s interest that will make you so much proud by having this laptop machine with you.

  • Light Weight machine
  • Powerful internal system
  • Easy to use & integrate
  • Missing of custom Graphics can hurt you

6. MSI GV62 8RD-276

Key Specifications:

CPU: 2.3 GHz
RAM: 16 GB
Display Size: 15.6 inches Full HD
Graphics Card: GTX 1050 Ti
Memory: 32 GB

MSI Company is on the most powerful company in the world that is making awesome laptops just for their users. This is the main reason that I am also reviewing this company’s laptop here to tell you that how awesome is powerful their system is.

The 6 Core generation of the CPU is the best thing that a gamer can grab from the laptop’s system to manage his / her gaming work. This is why MSI made simple, common and powerful gaming laptop with the 6 core generation of the CPU device.

Whenever you play the games on your laptop, this is the very first thing that wants to see your gaming speed faster and faster so that you can grab the entertainment accordingly. This is why; the speed of RAM must be awesome if you want real and best work.

This laptop has a great RAM that will never let you down in any case and will help you to achieve your gaming goals clearly.

Do you ever think that you can play good games without any graphics card? I really don’t think so! If you have a quality graphics card in your gaming laptop, then you have chances to play with the best mode at all. Otherwise, you might face a lot of issue during your gaming.

Who is not familiar with the NVIDIA and their awesome products? I think you know all about this expert team of Artificial Intelligence who is making thousands of quality products for their customers and users.

NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti is installed in this gaming laptop and it is the best graphics card I ever use in my life.

This graphics card is so much powerful and helpful for those gamers who really want to achieve some goals in their gaming career as gaming has become a full time career for some part-time gamers and this is all because of the best graphics card in the market. And NVIDIA is of them.

  • Powerful HD Display
  • Best Performance Memory
  • World’s best Graphics Card
  • 2 Cooling Fans inside the machine
  • Heat issue (Sometimes)

7. Acer Predator 17

Key Specifications:

CPU: Core i7 6700HQ, 2.6 GHz
Display: 17.3
Weight: 8.7 pounds
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce

Predator is the only laptop which I use twice in my gaming career. This is why I am here with this laptop to make it familiar with you so that you can also get a powerful and best gaming laptop under 800 dollars or even less than that for sure.

The minimum frames of this gaming laptop are 16 FPS and imagine you high it can go in term of the quality.  

I saw many times that best gaming laptop under 800 bucks don’t perform well in term of the quality screen. But you will happy and glad to know that this laptop’s screen is more than you think. (17.3 inches). Yes it is!  From now, you will play all those games which are your favorite on this laptop without any hesitation.

  • High quality HD display
  • Powerful Graphics
  • Powerful Booster & Fans
  • IPS HD Display
  • Wide Angle Screen View
  • Resolution is limited to 1080P
  • Weighted

8. MSI GE63 Raider RGB-012

Key Specifications:

CPU: Intel, 2.2 GHz 
RAM: 16 GB
display Size: 15.6 inches wide angle
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce

The new product of 8th generation is here and finally it has been popular in all gaming market in less to no time. Having a greater CPU performance, you can do the best job of gaming or any other thing which you want to do.

6-core processor is the best thing and the reason on which this laptop is running successfully without any issue at all. By such type of CPU performance, you can easily boost your work up-to 20% more with the positive rate.

The display is super and awesome. When I see the 120Hz 3ms Display in this laptop, I fall in love with this laptop this is the reason I am guiding you here that how to get the best gaming laptop under 800 dollars without any issue.

In the time of busiest days, everyone is looking for the best performing laptop and this laptop finishes the worry of every gamer after launching this best gaming laptop 2020.

This machine also provides the powerful VR ready graphics by which you can install and manage all the powerful graphics of the NVIDIA GeForce car with just one click. 1060 graphics are so much powerful and it will help you to manage the best of the best gaming experience without any issue at all.

Moreover, the fans are so much helpful in term of making the whole system cool during playing the game(s). Cooler booster is a great technology towards the future which comes from the expert team of NVIDIA graphics and software.

Color scheme of graphics card inside this laptop will help you to manage the best color collection with 4K ultra-HD display during your gaming.

  • Powerful & HD display
  • High-Quality graphics
  • Better cooling performance
  • Display resolution is limited to 1920 x 1080 P

9. Lenovo Z70 – Laptop with Class

Key Specifications:

CPU: Intel Core i7, 2.4 GHz
Hard: 1 TB
Screen: 17.3 inches
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce

Lenovo is the only laptop which is making gaming laptop to business laptop and from writing laptop to personal use. It covers every single field of the laptop and they are also experts in making the best gaming laptop under 800 of budget.

The powerful gaming setup can only be achieved by the PRO team of the relevant product and Lenovo is from one of them.  With the powerful CPU, the games can run easily and smoothly and you can do that too.

Same like that, the NVIDIA graphics are so much awesome in term of that all and you will be so much happy after using this machine and then you will told your colleagues that you have also a great and best gaming laptop under 800 $ which you bought online.


  • Powerful graphics
  • HD IPL display
  • Light weight
  • Design might hurt you

10. HP ENVY – Best Gaming Laptop

Key Specifications:

CPU: Dual Core 1.8 GHz up to 4.8 GHz
Display: 4K display & 13.3 inches
Memory & Hard: 16GB DDR4 RAM & 16 GB Hard
Battery Timing: Up to 9+ hours

Have you ever try the 4K display screen where you can get the best ever screen resolution results? If you have tasted, then you know it well that a 4K screen can give you the world’s most powerful screen resolution and when you have 13.3 inches of screen, then it will be good for you to game well.

Battery timing is super awesome. Imagine that you game on this gaming laptop for more than 9 hours without any break or hesitation. I love this function personally. What about you dear?

Memory status is ideal and you can enjoy / get up to 16 GB of DDR4 RAM in this gaming laptop which will help you to manage to get the best gaming laptop under 800 like this HP ENVY gaming laptop 2020.

  • Powerful graphics
  • High Definition Screen
  • Awesome Battery Life
  • Laptop Cost is not for beginners

Well, I have reviewed full list of top 10 best gaming laptop under 800 $ which you can buy online with warranty and guarantee too.

From many gamers, I collected many question and the most repeated one was how to select a best gaming laptop under 800 or less than 800 dollars. Well; I am a solution for you.

I have a guide about the selecting process of best gaming laptop under 800. Let’s jumped out there and find some secrets about “How to select the best gaming laptop under 800$”.

How to select best gaming laptop under 800 Dollars?


Whenever you buy or plan to buy any of the best gaming laptop under 800, then you must have to see the graphics of the laptop which you are going to buy. If your graphics will not run successfully, then you can’t achieve your gaming goals at all.

So keep in mind that you have to fight until you got any best gaming laptop. And this can only be achievable if you focus on the very first thing which is graphics or graphics card in your laptop system.

I have explained the full and quality guide about the best graphics separately so that you won’t get confused between these two guides which I wrote just to help you out from the worst situation of buying a best gaming laptop under 800 dollars from anywhere you want.

 NVIDIA series of graphics has become a trend and number one team of the world which provides the quality card for your gaming.

RAM & Processor

RAM and Processor are just like two wheels of a bike. If they both are okay, then you can ride far long as you want. And on the other hand, if you fail to achieve both of these features, then you might be failing in getting the best quality laptop for your gaming.

RAM can read the access memory from all over the laptop system as a random and your Processor will be helpful to load your any function faster than ever before. Also, processor can be so much helpful to achieve your gaming goals by loading the games faster and smooth for a great result than before.

Power Efficiency

Have you ever tried any gaming laptop even for sometimes? If yes, then you can imagine that getting a powerful laptop is like getting a heaven. Powerful efficiency laptops are so much helpful and it can be the best way to express your gaming talent in front of other gamers in the world or near to you.

So, always try to find such best gaming laptop under 800 $ having a great power efficiency so that you can also get a laptop which have the world’s best function that are all unbeatable.  

Display Quality

This is the dream of every single gamer like you that he / she must have such gaming laptop in which the screen display and quality must be awesome. Without that, your laptop’s graphics won’t work well.

If you are good in gaming then for you, it will not okay that you skip this part in any way. Display is like other hand of the gaming laptop that manages the best work and shows the graphics in better way than ever before.

So, it must be considered that you have a laptop with the quality display screen.

Storage System

Gaming and acquire less space in storage? Damn! This is not good. You must have to find a way to manage the best storage system for your laptop so that you can also get the best feature that can be in any good and best laptop or gaming.

Also, the storage system is so much helpful to save your required and important gaming data so that you can grab the quality gaming feature without any hesitation and issues as well.

Storage won’t speed up your gaming laptop but it can make you happy by saving your quality data in your laptop disk. SSD is holding the position in top row for being number one as the best hard disk drive for any laptop. This won’t hurt your laptop and run like beast within no time to provide quality work every time you use this machine.

Audio Quality

Sound quality is like energy to the gamers. If you have quality sound in your laptop, it will damn awesome in playing those games where you need High Definition quality of audio.

With the pair of mechanical keyboard & gaming mouse, you can play those all games where you need the best quality of your system / laptop audio. It will help the gamer to manage the sound effects more effectively than ever before and deliver the crunch of a quality audio sound.  

Battery Life

If you are making plan of such best gaming laptop under 800 dollars, then you need one more feature of gaming laptop which is battery. It is confirmed that gaming need consistency, quality and emotions to play with the best scenario and you must have to grab the best laptop’s battery to manage the best gaming experience by-self. If you have such a gaming laptop under 800$, then it might come with the best battery life for sure. But this is not the way that you find the gaming laptop. You need to watch every single aspect and after that, make it sure that you have the best gaming laptop under 800 bucks which you will buy for sure without any delay at all.  


Well, I am done with all the possible information which I delivered to you today. I hope that your concept of choosing the best gaming laptop under 800 dollars has been clear.

Now you know all about the best gaming laptops of 2020, now it’s time to browse other beast products & best ever portable monitor for laptop.