5 Most Expensive Laptop In The World


In this article, we are talking about the most expensive laptop in the world and all about their specifications and features. Like anything else, laptops are also designed according to the needs and interests of the user.

So, it will not be wrong to say that there could be a high price of laptops as well.

Generally, most expensive laptop are those laptops in which you can find more features than a normal one.

You can also grab gaming laptops under 500 but wait. Do you think that gaming laptops of price like 300 dollars or 500 okays for your needs? Maybe I am wrong but I don’t think so!

For a better piece of quality gaming, office work or any other work you need a great machine that can solve all your needs and requirements.

This is why I am writing this article in general tone so that all types of laptops can be specified clearly and correctly.

There is a great thing in most expensive laptops which is you can get quality features at a time and it will be the best for you if you are looking for a quality laptop machine for your working desk.

Majority of the laptops are categorized into generally 4 types which are given below:

Everyday Laptops
Lightweight Laptops
2 in 1 Laptops
Performance and Gaming Laptops

On the basis of demand and other stuff, today we will talk about gaming and business laptops.

Gaming laptops can be used for the gaming and on the other hand, the business laptop contains photography laptop, video editing laptop and other names on the board.

Usually, people purchase gaming laptops under 300 which is quite awkward as gaming laptops might not be started and you cannot get the best gaming laptop under 500 dollars or less with great quality.

But, don’t worry at all as I will cover all the parts which make you confused about getting the best laptop of your own choice.

1. GT63 TITAN-052 (Most Expensive Gaming Laptop 2019)

Key Features:

Weight: 6.48 lbs.
RAM: 16 GB
Processor: 2.2 GHz
Display type: LCD


This is the very first beast item of our list. A quality gaming piece that can solve all of your issues and need at once. Noted that, you can grab cheap gaming laptop under 200 dollars too but there might be a lot of issues in the quality of such a laptop.


This is why it is well said that “Dear at once and cheap again & again”. So, don’t look at cheap prices if you want the best gaming laptop for your gaming time.

TITAN is the only solution to replace your 500 dollar gaming PC with the powerful gaming machine which is quite awesome and lighter than your old gaming PC desktop.

Screen resolution is also a needy thing that mostly gamers wants and there is an awesome screen resolution to add a taste in your gaming.

1920×1080 is considered as the best gaming laptop’s resolution to add the best gaming effects to your gaming.

But, when you are looking for the best resolution, just look at the item dimension and maximum resolution quality.

No doubt that this laptop’s resolution and dimension are awesome from all angles and you can use this without any issue and hesitation.  

Screen Size is like life for gamers as they have the vision to see the objects very clearly and properly. This is why I added this laptop to our list as the screen size is ideal and anyone can use this without any issue.

NVIDIA always make their user proud and they love to give the quality stuff to their customers every single time. NVIDIA GTX 1080 graphics are waiting for you to deliver the best results of graphics by using this laptop.

Quality and features are super awesome and you will love to see the graphics colors, resolution & specifications in the GTX 1080.

Well, if a product is good then there will be PROS of that one. Same as that, there must be some or any CON of the product which you need to know about. So, let’s talk about the PROS and CONS of this beast.

  • Powerful machinery
  • Super awesome design
  • High-tech features
  • Wide angle screen
  • Price might hurt you
  • Weight is not ideal against others

2. Blade 15 (Most Expensive Gaming Laptop)

Key Features:

Weight: 4.74 lbs.
Screen Size:15.6 inches
Resolution: 1920x1080P


You can fall in love with such a laptop which has a lightweight and super awesome screen size along with the best graphics inside the machine. Yes, I am talking about the one and only item Blade 15 which is awesome from all parts.


With the wide-angle 15.6 inches of screen, you can make the best gaming experience without any issue at all. Also, you can see the objects with clear eye-sight which is a plus point for the young generation.

When the CPU is fast then gaming is not an issue for anyone. Similarly, there is a great and powerful CPU which allows their users to have the best time on this gaming machine without any fall by quality.

If you are a gaming geek and want to grab the best graphics experience, then here is a great deal for you. GeForce RTX 2080 is the best graphics card which is supporting this quality gaming laptop for the best ever results in gaming and streaming as well.

Last but not least, a great Aluminum body and supportive quality shape. This is the best thing that makes this laptop shine, bright and a quality-based product.

  • Powerful machinery
  • High tech supportive features
  • Slim design
  • Long battery life
  • Not suitable for newbies

3. Acer Predator 17 GX (Most Expensive Gaming Laptop)

Key Features:

Display Size: 17.3 inches
Processor: 2.8 GHz
Weight: 15 lbs.
RAM: 16 GB


Predator is also called the king of the gaming field and this is the best piece for PRO. With the NVIDIA chipset, you can play games on this for more than you need.

Also, the battery timing is super as you can use this machine for more than 12 hours non-stop without any hesitation and issue.


This is why the predator has its own chip of NVIDIA and it works in all environments and weathers as well.

SSD hard drive is also supporting this machine and you can perform some extra and professional tasks if you have this predator machine of the best gaming laptop.

No doubt, that this machine is added in the list of world’s most expensive laptop but it works better than any other machine.  

As you know that I always talk about both sides of any product. So, let’s know about the PROS and CONs of this product too.

  • HD Display screen
  • Super-fast SSD
  • Long life battery
  • Available in multi-colors
  • Weighted

Bottom-Line: Use of this laptop can save you from the gaming laptops under 700 which require extra items separately to perform better gaming.

4. MSI GE70 Apache Pro-012 (2019’s Most Expensive Laptop)

Key Features:

Screen Size: 17.3 inches
Resolution: 1920x1080P
Processor: 2.4 GHz
Hard Drive: 1024GB
Battery Life: Up to 6 hours
Weight: 5.95 pounds


Battery Life:

Gaming laptops acquire more battery life and when you have nothing but just gaming, then timing must be of great.

It is compulsory in any most expensive laptop that you have the best battery life so that you can perform more and more tasks without any delay or issue as well.


Having a 6 hours non-stop battery timing will make you happy and you’ll love to see the best results from the battery. This is why I am reviewing this product in my article due to its quality stuff and the best performance as well.


Every laptop user conscious about the weight and he/she must be aware of the weight. This laptop has a lightweight that you can easily hold and replace with any material you want to replace in seconds without any pain to your hands.

This is why it has an important role in gaming that you won’t be hurt if you put this laptop in your lap while playing games.

Screen Size:

The size of the screen matters a lot especially when you are a gamer and want a gaming laptop of the best specifications.

So, don’t be worry about this as there is a total of 17.3 inches of screen in this laptop; and you can compare its quality with any laptop such as best gaming laptops under 300 or best gaming laptop under 700, etc.

They are all low prices laptops but in quality, they are null.

This is why screen size has its own quality in this most expensive laptop.  


Random Access Memory is the food for loading your games faster, smooth and properly without any drawback. This is the best thing that can make your game smooth and faster than any other laptop’s RAM.

So, enjoy the best product with the best items inside this quality product.

Hard Drive:

1TB of the hard drive will make you happy with the best speed and quality content which you want to save with the help of this hard drive. Also, this hard drive is totally unique that won’t make any virus to come inside your laptop just because of its own antivirus software.


A resolution is a great tool and you may know all about this if you are a PRO gamer or know about the gaming. With the IPS HD display, you can perform the best task and this is why you’ll be able to run any command or game with HD quality resolution.

This is why, whenever you go to the laptop to buy; you must ask about the resolution quality and maximum resolution as well. It will help you to grow your information and ability to check your product before you shop it.


This is the last but not the least feature of this laptop. Usually, the most expensive laptop has a great thing inside and that is the high-performance CPU/Processors.

This is what the laptop’s speed depends on. If you are browsing, collecting data, playing games; in all of these, you need a great processor. This is why the processor needed most. With 2.4 GHz of speed, you can play those games which are high in graphics and require more data to store.

This is why there is no need to use the low-quality processor in your most expensive laptop when you have a laptop like MSI GE70.

  • High quality specs
  • Slim body design
  • Best for all gamers
  • Light weight
  • Not any this time

5. MacBook Pro (Business Laptop)

Key Features:

Display: 15 inches
Battery Life: Up to 10 hours
Weight: 4.02 pounds
Storage: 500GB SSD


Display Quality:

Display quality is so important in any laptop or desktop machine. 500 gaming laptop may be nothing in front of this quality Apple product. 15 inches retina display with extra potential IPS display will make you so happy.


This is all about the new technology of the bright HD screen with luminous bright effects that make a good sense in anyone’s eye who use this laptop.

Depending on the display quality and other features in this MacBook, I added this item to my top 5 most expensive laptop in the world.   


Do you ever wish the high-quality Core i9 processor that runs faster than any other laptop’s CPU nowadays? If you didn’t use such a great machine, let’s have a try on this.

The fastest and professional processor has been installed in this MacBook and it is the best for all types of work such as business, for music as well as for gaming too.

Turbo booster is helpful in upgrading your processor from 2.3 to 4.8 GHz and so on. So, what you think of it? Isn’t this the best product for your business or gaming?

Take a look at other parts such as microphone and headset etc and then decide.

Graphics support:

Intel UHD graphics are supporting this gadget and it is the best one among any of other expensive laptops which are costly than this too. It is the best thing to play your games, run a music / produce music and other work, etc.

Same as other graphics, this is the best graphics card’s laptop which can help you in getting the better speed in gaming and other work as well.

But maybe you are confused about the NVIDIA graphics VS Intel graphics. Look, there is something different from one another and you need to understand this thing in terms of quality and company as well.

This is why there is an Intel graphics card inside this machine just because this is also a great tool to work with.

  • Powerful system
  • Light weight
  • Slim sexy design
  • Fastest memory
  • Powerful graphics
  • Price might be high for newbies

Bottom-Line: This apple machine is better than best touch screen laptop under 500 which is under your budget but not good at quality.

Well. Here I have done with the top 5 most expensive laptop of 2019. I hope you have a better understanding that these 5 most expensive laptops are far better than normally good gaming laptops under 500 and best 500 dollar laptop just because 500 dollar gaming laptop is really not good at gaming and business.

 If you have any questions related to the top product’s review, then ask me here and I am sure that you will get my answer in a very few time.

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Last words:

So, here we have done this all and I hope you better understand of most expensive laptop in the market. If you are still in need of quality Gaming Laptop only, then you can check the latest review of the world best gaming laptops. Click here and you will be there to read another amazing article on a gaming laptop only.

Every laptop is different from others and their specifications are also different from others based on the features and prices as well. So, if you think that you want the best laptop, read this article carefully from start to end to grab the best machine for your work, entertainment or business.

For your easiness, I have separated more 10 most expensive laptops for you. This is because I think that you need it and you must have to know all about the best laptop which is expensive too.

That’s why don’t hesitate to know all about this as you have to question me anything if you stuck somewhere. It will be so much helpful if you find the right item for your work.

But, if you are only a gamer and love to play the games, so I have a full-length guide on how to buy a quality Gaming Laptop under your desired budget. Just go there and find what’s great in that.

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