The 10 Best Things about Cheap Laptops for Writers


When it comes to the cheap laptops for writers or journalists, specifications are the only thing that came in someone’s mind. This is why; we must have to know all about the quality writing laptop so that we can easily manage the best time with our cheap laptops for writers.

Here the term “Cheap Laptops” doesn’t mean that cheap by quality. Our laptop’s quality shouldn’t be dropped anytime. Thus, we will be able to manage our writing tasks easily and smoothly as well.  


But in this post, I will surely guide you on how you can also make the best and cheap laptops for writers and perform your writing task easily without fall in issues at any time.

Make sure that you are in search of the best writing laptop at cheap rates and with a good price that suits your pocket as well as budget.

So, let’s get started from a very basic point and I assure you that I will cover all those things that can help you to build cheap laptops for writers.

Size: (It matter in cheap laptops for writers)

When it comes to writing a laptop, the first thing that you need to notice is the size of the laptop on which you want to start writing tasks. So, the size matters a lot in choosing the right and best laptop for writers.

Also, the size can help you in managing the space for the laptop. This is important to note that what size spec will be in your writing laptop.

So, always try to make sure that you have the exact same size as the laptop that is running now a day in the area you are living in. It will help you in getting the best writing laptop.


Screen ability: (You need this in cheap laptops for writers)

Screen size and ability is another tool that can help you in getting the best quality from the laptop you are using. Also, it will make you happy that you are on the way where you can easily grab the best quality from the writing laptop to make sure that you have the best laptop of all the time.

At least 1080P must be on your laptop so that you can perform your writing work easily and properly for the best work production.

Keyboard quality:

In the writing laptops, the keyboard performs like a backbone. So, it must be of good quality. Low or bad quality won’t work a lot in the term of the best writing laptop stuff.

This is why; the best thing you may see in writing laptops is the keyboard’s quality and stuff as well.

Always make sure that you have the best-backlit keyboard. A backlit type of keyboard will make you able to work properly even in the dark light overnight. And this feature is my favorite one as this can help you in getting the best laptop for writers & writing stuff.


CPU: (Don’t use cheap in cheap laptops for writers)

As I told in my last article, CPU is the brain of a desktop computer or laptop as well. So, this feature is the only one that can make your laptop a laptop. Otherwise, all will be in vain.

So, always try to look at this feature as this is the only one that can make your all tasks so much easy. That’s why you need to focus on the best CPU in your writing laptop for a better quality pick.


RAM size:

Who doesn’t know about the best RAM size? It helps the best laptops in getting the best a machine can get. The main memory RAM will make you all tasks faster than ever before. But only in one condition, if you have the best RAM size of all the time.

DDR4 RAM performs the best among others. This is the most advanced and best ever RAM size I ever seen in my life.

Memory status:

Memory is dependent on you. As long as you want to make your laptop great, increase your memory status and you will see the magic of your laptop’s speed. The minimum and recommended memory status are 4GB for a better writing laptop setup.


Graphics is such a thing that can make your laptop great but this function is not really so important in your writing laptops(s). The reason is that you don’t need any graphics to perform the writing task ever anytime.

So, don’t worry about your graphics as it won’t hurt you if you have low or no graphics in your writing laptop.



Softwares like Microsoft and WordPad are so much important in the cheap laptops for writers as they perform a valid task in the writing laptops. So, always try to choose those laptops having some great software for the writing stuff.


Weight always sucks! If you have a bulky laptop and you are working on the writing scripts, then it won’t work great for you. So always try to have a lightweight laptop so that you can easily perform great tasks with the best mode of writing work in any way.


If your laptop’s portability status is great and you can attach other portable devices, you can rock with the best performance with the laptops you have.

This is why a portable device attachment can make you happy so you have to work on this as hard as you aim to get the best writing laptop.



Cheap laptops for writers are always in demand and you need to manage time for the shop of such a laptop that pays the best in return. Thus, you will be able to perform the best at work as well as in other things such as entertainment.

That’s the reason I wrote this guide that what needs to be done to have a cheap laptop for the best work. I hardly hope that you have now on the board “How to choose the best writing laptop”. If you still got any questions, ask me freely and I promise to help you in this regard. Cheers!